Learning tracks

Want to learn in a more structured way?

Here you can find 11 learning tracks available!

  • 5 Learning tracks for engineers that wish to grow in their career.

  • 6 Learning tracks for engineering managers that want to thrive in the role.

Learning tracks are specificaly curated articles to fit your needs and targeted to a specific goal. New tracks and articles will keep being added as new articles are created.

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  1. Thriving as an engineer

  2. Preparing for interviews

  3. Engineering career growth

  4. Growing from engineer to team lead

  5. Productivity

  1. Thriving as an engineering manager

  2. Hiring

  3. Communication

  4. OKRs and alignment

  5. Building teams

  6. Productivity

Is there a certain learning track that you would like to see? Make sure to send me an email and let me know on info@gregorojstersek.com.