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How to grow from senior to a lead role

A good engineer thinks like a product manager

What does a CTO do

How to make and embrace changes

From IC to manager

How to develop a great tech strategy

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My secret for growing from engineer to CTO

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Thrive in your first 90 days when starting a new position as an engineer

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The importance of well-being in the engineering industry

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How to handle resignations

Thriving in a competitive engineering market

How to create a great engineering organization where people can thrive

What to look for when hiring a new engineer for your team?

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How to create great technical specifications

Growing from engineer to architect and thriving

The software development process that works

Building teams with a purpose in mind

How does a great software development team structure look like

How to conduct Behavioral interviews

Guide to a great process for hiring engineers

From on-site to remote working: 3 important learnings

How to handle Incidents

Growing from engineer to manager and thriving

Which is the right engineering career path for you?

4 essential tips for building high-performing teams

6 tips to thrive in a fully remote team

How to conduct great technical interviews

A detailed brief is key to a great hiring process

The importance of aligning business and tech

7 common mistakes when growing from an engineer to a team lead

How to estimate larger functionalities

5 learnings of a great collaboration between a developer and a product manager

The first 90 days when starting a new engineering leadership position

Letter to myself when I first started with engineering management

5 important pointers to enhance your engineering CV

Tips for successful interviews for engineering positions

8 examples of OKRs for your engineering team

3 tips for effective OKRs for your engineering team

3 key ideas to finding your leadership style

5 tips for managing your time as an engineering manager

Learning to be a great engineer/engineering leader is a marathon, not a sprint

How technical should an engineering manager be

7 important traits of a good engineering manager

The significance of effective delegation and clear communication in software development

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable